In which our MC creates a group.

So yesterday I started a writing/critique group. I didn’t do this spur-of-the-moment, but after a few months of careful thought and loneliness. You see, I’d been part of such a group before, but my work schedule made attendance impossible, and unless I spontaneously publish and nab a six figure deal, work is going to be there for a long time.

Unless I get fired or something.

So, I made a group. Thankfully, I am able to attend, as my work schedule doesn’t conflict with it. Which is really good, since, well, you know. I’m very excited about this! And nervous. I’m not that nervous to put my work out there, I take criticism like a dog takes the last piece of chicken off my plate while the cat distracts me, but I’m still human. For now.

The thing that most worries me, is everyone else. I want everyone to have an amazing time. While serious, I want people to enjoy themselves and enjoy their writing, and their critiquing. I never want anyone to feel beat up on, or ignored, so hopefully I’ll be able to steer things in the right direction, and keep them there. It’s a great, and small, group of people so I have high hopes.

Next week will be the first test, when we have our first round of critiques. Can’t wait!

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