Having some thoughts.

My book, MEMORIES OF THE FALLEN, is a young adult urban fantasy novel, in which the MC is gay. Since YA seems to revolve around relationships in one way or another, the only ‘love interest’ in the book is gay. I’ve looked around a bit, and I can’t seem to find many mainstream YA novels. There are a few I’ve seen, and sound pretty damn interesting, but it feels like they are drowned out by all of the… well, everything. To make matters worse, most of those books seem to have the cast dealing with the part about being gay. In my novel, it is never an issue. It just is. Elijah is gay. In fact, the word gay isn’t even in my book, ha.

So as I’m driving today and thinking about it, I start to wonder if it really even fits anywhere. It’s an action-based novel, set in modern day, but full of sword-fights, a journey cross-country on horseback, and even something very close to a dragon. And yet, it doesn’t really fit in with plain ole YA urban fantasy, because it could be deemed LGBTQ. Oh, and the boy that Elijah has a crush on? He’s an ogre. (minus the tusks and loincloth.)

So, maybe I’ll just self-publish the series and be done!

2 responses to “Having some thoughts.

    • Oh, it’s already been written! I’m just not sure which route to take as far as publishing goes–query agents, publishers, or just self-publish it. Someone beat me about the head today and told me to query it a bit, so I guess I’m going to do that, lol.

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