One of the flash fictions that I posted below, not the one that took first place but the other, won second place! This surprised the hell out of me, if I’m going to be honest. All of the entries were so beautiful and poignant. They were about life, and birth, and lovely deaths.

And then there’s mine, about a world in which this little girl can kill a man and ask for a prize from her brother, ha. I looked through, and pretty much every single story had a comment on it about how powerful it was, except for mine.

A small part of me is glad I won, though I don’t think I deserved it. In this little 110 word story, I fell in love with this strange world, and with little Avi with the disfigured face and innocent smile.

So let that be a lesson to you guys; sometimes it’s better to take what’s familiar and expected and just flip it over and give it a few shakes. Usually something pretty cool will fall out.

P.S. Does anyone else ever think they’ve misspelled a word, but the spell checker isn’t working so you write gibberish right beside it to make sure the red lines show up?

P.P.S. Today i’ve been using the word ‘write’ for ‘right’ an awful lot.

4 responses to “Surprisingly–

  1. I do not trust spell check. Spell check is my enemy. There are words I write that I know just MUST exist somewhere in this universe, but it denies their existance, and without even a suggestion. Spell check is a bastard.


    • Dude, when spell check wasn’t working for facebook I was afraid to post my opinion anywhere. I misspell some of the easiest, dumbest words sometimes. Words so simple I wish I could hire someone to stand behind me and, every time I get one wrong, just hit me with a cast iron skillet.

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      • There is a long list of words I will probably never learn to spell, and they are common everyday words. Or how about the words you know how to spell and all of a sudden they look strange and you think you must be spelling them wrong. The other day it was “horror” I kept looking at it and thinking “that’s not right.”


      • Ha! I know exactly what you mean, and it frustrates the hell out of me. Sometimes I’m convinced something is lying to me and I’ll google it. Perfect example: I just rewrote ‘lying’ twice, because I’m sure this is not correct.

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