Those little things.

Last weekend at my writing group I submitted chapter 1 of a story that I love, but set aside when I started working on my query for MEMORIES OF THE FALLEN back in November. To be honest, I didn’t plan on anyone liking it all that much, but what I really wanted to submit wasn’t… well, it wasn’t yet written. So, I wrote my first chapter for a planned thriller and submitted it this past weekend. Of course, people love the other chapter 1. Now, I’m like… do I submit chapter 2 of that story, or keep going with my thriller?!

My biggest fear is  submitting chapter 2, after everyone liked chapter 1, and it sucking horrible enormous bull balls.

Aside from that, I’m having a devil of a time writing this query. I think by the time I get it perfect books will just be things projected into peoples minds by way of a little troll that you buy at the troll store for two bucks.

7 responses to “Those little things.

  1. So alternate. Keep writing the thriller and bring in bits as you have them. When you don’t have anything to show from it, you have the first story all done and bring in those parts. Both stories, so far are good. If you’re worried about the first one sucking STOP IT! That’s what a critique group is for. Also, when in doubt remember that the one chick brought in a Nanowrimo rough draft for crying out loud!

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