#PitchMadness (And other such events!)

Why should you do contests like #PitchMadness? Is it to win? Is it for the chance at hitting the agent lottery and being signed? Sure, there are those things. The odds are daunting, but it’s still possible. (Hundreds, maybe thousands, of people submit for these events, and sixty are picked for the next round of madness.)

Those are some great reasons, but for me the real reason to do an event like this is the comrade and networking that can happen when you get hundreds of writers together, on one twitter feed, and let them… talk. Writers love to talk. Sure, it’s usually gibberish about their book that’s too hard for them to explain correctly (okay, maybe that’s just me.) but we also love talking about other cool things! Most importantly, I stalked the feed for hours yesterday and there was very little mention of the Oscars, of which I was profoundly grateful.

So even if you bowed out of competing this time around, you should still jump over to the feed on twitter and just chat with fellow writers. I mean, we are all in the same canoe, splashing up the same river, and wondering just where the hell those paddles got off to.

And if nothing else, if an agent doesn’t fall magically in love with your pitch and your words, and you come out of the event a little scathed, there’s still a damn good chance that you come out with friends that will help bandage you up.

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