First ever Ray-Sponsored Writing Picture Prompt! (Complete with a picture!)

Greetings fellow humans, and non. It’s been a crazy week over here. From driving on ice for 500+ miles, to having my MS receive two requests during #PitchMadness (YAY!!) I thought I would take the day off since, well, since I’m off. Seems like as good a reason as any.

And in celebration, I’m going to post my first ever writing prompt! This one is going to be a picture prompt, and the length is up to you. From super-flashy-flash fiction, to regular flash, to short-story. Just be sure to link your story in the comments so I can read it! 338763_10151040772850803_921547423_o

11 responses to “First ever Ray-Sponsored Writing Picture Prompt! (Complete with a picture!)

  1. Great, thanks! Here tis.


    Amber chose the venue. The manor’s thick stone walls hug bare rooms and cracked or missing windows. It’s called decadent-chic.

    Hot and flushed, she sits on a windowless ledge. Her step-aerobic-sculpted bottom appreciates the cool grey marble. She gazes down at the immaculate lawn, at the guests smoking, texting, checking watches, shuffling feet. Family and friends, colleagues, bridesmaids and groomsmen.

    Minus one bridesmaid.

    Minus one groom.

    First she throws her flowers. Someone (a cousin?) looks up. The herd reacts and all heads lift. All eyes widen. All mouths gape.

    Amber leans forward. Further, further, further, then all heads track down.

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