Hey, you! Write something! (using this new prompt)

I love writing prompts. I find I also enjoy coming up with prompts while driving down a dark ribbon of highway at 4 a.m.

Prompt for this Friday!

You’re driving down the road, when all of a sudden a pounding sound comes from your trunk.

Have a great day!

2 responses to “Hey, you! Write something! (using this new prompt)

  1. Bewdy, got another flash written. These are very good exercises for me, and I don’t like exercise of any kind 🙂 (Excuse the boot for trunk, I had to Aussie-fy)


    The mind fast forwards when it scrambles to explain something that shouldn’t be happening. And the pounding from the boot of my car shouldn’t be happening.

    Did I hit a roo or a wombat without noticing, and it’s jammed in the car’s undercarriage, banging around? Pretty unlikely.

    Did I finally flip out last night and whack Jacko on the back of the head with one of his beer bottles? Pop him in the boot, bound, gagged and unconscious, and now he’s coming to? Unlikely. But an appealing thought that I’ll store away for later.

    Is my old Commodore falling apart, the muffler dragging and bouncing and making a racket? That’s more than likely, that’s got to be it.

    I pull over to the side of the dirt road and turn off the engine. Silence. I smile and exhale. Have I been holding my breath all this time? Behind me there’s a dull thump, then another, and my mind stops racing, starts to close down.

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