A prompt to fill the ‘time’

If you weren’t already aware, I truly hate to be the one to tell you this: Tomorrow our clocks, in America at least, spring forward an hour. Which means I lose an hour of way-too-precious sleep. It hurts. I almost flipped my desk over when I learned this, which was only a few days ago.

In honor of this horrific event, I shall give you a writing prompt.


You fall asleep, knowing you’re going to get a great night’s sleep. When you wake up though, you’re in a different time period, future or past. Your home is gone, your bed has abandoned you. What do you do? What do the locals think? Are you about to be burned at the stake, or maybe put under a microscope? Are you even in your own body anymore?

Daylight Savings time is a real bitch, right?


2 responses to “A prompt to fill the ‘time’

  1. Here’s my story to this prompt. Very silly but hey I wrote something, and that’s three days in a row (yay your prompts!)


    Dreams can linger on waking, so I wasn’t overly concerned to see Abraham Lincoln and Marilyn Manson playing poker in a strange hotel room.

    Abraham tipped his top hat to me then pushed a pile of notes to the middle of the table. Marilyn, in a lycra tiger suit (his tail hung over the back of his chair, twitching), winked a green cat’s eye at me and threw his cards in the air. All I saw were aces so I don’t know what sort of poker they were playing.

    This was fun but I had to get to work so I blinked, hard. Nope, still a hotel room, still Abe and Maz. I swung my legs out of bed, sat up and rubbed my eyes, pinched my forearm.

    ‘You need a drink, Miss, and not the Demon Rum they serve in this establishment.’ Abraham stood up and fed large hundred dollar notes into a large leather wallet. ‘Allow me take you to sangria.’

    ‘You mean Shangri La,’ I said.

    Abraham gasped and staggered backwards. Marilyn picked up his tail and stroked it like a hamster. I wondered what I’d said. I wondered why I’d said it. And then the phone rang.

    ‘Don’t answer it,’ they said together.

    But I did.

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