Book Review — Partials by Dan Wells

In which I devoured Partials. 

Dan Wells has created a disaster made beautiful. I’ve tried to find another way to say how I feel, but as of yet this is it. Imagine a world torn by war, then plague, and then the hopelessness as you watch every child die shortly after its birth. This tragedy lived over and over, in a place already decimated by death.

I love Kira Walker, the main character for the book. Unlike some novels which shall forever remain unnamed—naming them draws their attention—Kira was not stupid. She was not naïve. She had problems, and she worked to solve them. She needed answers, and she found ways to get them. I hate dumb heroines, or heroes for that matter, and Kira was far from it. Now, she wasn’t unbelievable. She was, is, real.  For supporters, her boyfriend Marcus was freaking badass. Not because he was a super-soldier or something. No, he had a sense of humor and sarcastic nature that I love in characters.

As for the story itself? Holy hell. I was guessing throughout the book, and I’m still wondering. I can’t wait to dive into book 2, FRAGMENTS, but that’s for later. We’re here now. I could literally read this book again tomorrow, knowing some of what I know now.

As for villains, well they’re assholes. All of them. The ones you know and the ones you don’t know. That’s a good thing. But yeah, I hate them.

You know, this is my first book review in a long time, and the first one ever on this blog. It’s so hard for me not to reach through your monitor, grab your shoulders, and shake you while screaming something like, “GO BUY THIS DAMN BOOK AND READ IT THEN WE CAN TALK ABOUT IT OK??” I apologize for any spittle. That’s gross.

I’ll say one thing; I’m a guy, a guy’s guy. I don’t cry much from books, unless you’re Brandon Sanderson and you just killed Bella. BELLA! FOSRIDISD@@@#@###@@@ I loved Bella. But this book managed to squeeze a few from the old ducts, both in sadness and in excitement. One of those moments when you’re like BEAT THEIR ASS! Which are arguably some of my favorite moments.

So there you go. Go and buy this book, download this book, read it or listen to it. Whatever your poison, you won’t be disappointed.

I give this book 5 stars, and 4 slices of bacon. I’m taking away one slice of bacon and slapping Mr. Wells with it. I saw that maid and butler move you tried to pull. I saw it good sir. Lucky for you, the story made me forgive and forget. And I love you.

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