A Friday Fictioneers Flash Fiction!

PHOTO PROMPT – © Santoshwriter

Forbidden Fruit

“Are you sure that’s what this is?” Aya asked, hunched over the small plant.

Tari nodded and turned his head this way and that, scanning the barren horizon. “Gappa’s old book that they burned, remember? The one called ‘Rainforests.’”

Aya reached out hesitantly, but stopped with her finger only a breath away from the small crystalline drops of… “Water from the air,” she whispered.

“What do we do, Aya?”

Tari sounded nervous, but she didn’t blame him. If word of this got out, it would undermine the Elders, even the very Gods. Water came from the Speaker, not from nature.

Thanks to https://rochellewisofffields.wordpress.com/2015/05/20/22-may-2015/ for the prompt!

2 responses to “A Friday Fictioneers Flash Fiction!

  1. Isn’t this a week late? Hey! I’m gonna do that too.
    I grit my teeth when I read thingts like this. This one’s fiction, but too much like current reality. Still, thought-provoking and well done. 🙂


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