I almost never review things in this manner, but… wow.

I don’t really do many reviews for products, especially for those I use in writing.

However, I feel it’s my moral and civic duty to tell you guys about this keyboard I’m now using. Technically, it’s a gaming keyboard called the Razer’s Blackwidow Ultimate 2014. (Note, I got mine from BestBuy for about 109, plus tax.


So, what’s so great about this keyboard? Well, first off it’s mechanical, so the buttons feel almost as if they’re pressing themselves. The finish, or coating I guess, on the keys are smooth. I swear I’m almost gliding around the keys as I type this. It just feels right, so right.

There’s also this clicking that comes with most mechanical keyboards. Now, to some that may be or get annoying, but for me I love hearing the validation of every keystroke I put into one of my projects. It’s like each little click is one more block in the pyramid that will one day be in the hands of readers. Of course, when you’re wearing headphones you can’t hear the click, so there’s that for those who may find it off-putting, ha.

And if you also do some gaming, that’s a plus. I game, but I have other tools. I strictly bought this keyboard for writing, and it’s a dream. Now, if only it would write my books for me.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention another thing I LOVE about this keyboard. It sits up high, higher than any other keyboard I’ve owned, which is another reason it makes typing on it so frigging sweet and effortless.

What’s your favorite weapon in your writing arsenal? A favorite notebook or pen? A cup of coffee and some music?

4 responses to “I almost never review things in this manner, but… wow.

    • Hell yeah! My last keyboard was also a razer, but this one is like waking up to the smell of fresh french-pressed coffee after years of convenience store decaf!


      • Haha, that sounds like poetry. Yer killing me, because I don’t want to put the money out so I usually just type away on my little HP and borrow his when he is not home. Shhh

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      • I don’t blame you in the least little bit. I wish Razer would just give me keyboards to give out to my fellow writers! The sad thing, is that I’ll be in the market for a new laptop in the next year, and it’s going to have to be mechanical. I’m not even sure if they make laptops with mechanical keyboards, lol.


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