Pet-Parent Adventures

I love my wife, lol. And I feel sorry for her when she has to deal with our dogs on her own.

Some days, I love my pup, Bastion. Other days, he drives me up the wall. And some days…I just give up and try to go along with his latest antics. Today has been one of those days.

Now, I know I have mentioned Bastion here and there, and shared pictures of him. Here’s a little bit more about him. Bastion is a 6 month old, 55 pound bundle of stubbornness, teeth, and mischief. He’s a Czechoslovakian vlcak, so I don’t know why I was expecting anything other than what I got. This breed is well known for their love of counter surfing, getting their noses into other’s business, and being smart to the point that if you ask them to repeat something too many times, they’ll stop listening because they get bored.

Now, we’ve had our ups and downs with this pup. Sometimes he infuriates my husband to the point…

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