Friday Fictioneers! A continued FF?

Hello! This week, as always, the Flash Fiction prompt is brought to you by the awesome Rochelle Wisoff-Fields! I had a hard time coming up with something, but finally decided to work off a piece I did years ago, involving a desolate world where a Witch has returned, and people are hunting her. It may be confusing, but, well so is life. =D

\ Photo Copyright © Jean L. Hays

The Last Witch

The three soldiers lay on the cracked road beside their armored cars, arms at their sides. They could have been sleeping, if not for the gaping holes in their chests where their hearts had been.

“She’s sending us a message,” Konner said as he stared at the carnage.

“Saying what?” asked one of his remaining soldiers.

“Go away,” replied Konner, staring at the cars. They’d been shoved nose first into the asphalt, like gravestones in a giant’s cemetery.

A raven, perched on an upturned bumper, cried out. It’s call echoed, sounding eeirly like the laughter of the Witch they hunted.

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