Character Spotlight — Alice! (From Jesus–Slayer of the Undead)

I thought about writing a few pieces of flash fiction, but then I decided I wouldn’t. It’s been a long weekend, and I’m feeling a bit lazy.

Instead, I’d like to start a new segment! Or, a segment, as I don’t really have any segments to speak of. No matter! It’s something, and I’m damn well doing it.

I’d like to call it something original, like… Character’s that you don’t know, spotlighted by me. And, well, for now they’re going to be my characters because that’s all I got. (Though, if you’re an author and would like me to spotlight one of your characters, hit me up! No, really, do it, I need something to do.)

(this is not Alice, but closest I could find! Found it here:

(this is not Alice, but closest I could find! Found it here:

This week we are going to look at Alice, the reincarnation of Thomas, the disciple. She is from the cast of my Jesus—Slayer of the Undead book. And she’s a complete badass, and I love her. She’s around 16-years-old and wields a spear, the same spear used to split the Veil between our world, and the Dark Prison.

Another one of her specialties is that she can dream the future, but not too far in advance. It gets frustrating when you can see things up to a certain point, but you have to sleep again before anything else will come to you. Bloody inconvenient, that.

So, without further ado, I give you one of her first scenes in my book. Please excuse the edges—they are a tad rough.

Hayden was about to yell another warning—maybe she’d misunderstood him or something before—when Alice whipped her head around and gained speed. She was running right at the two men blocking their path. The cop-zombie-thing holding the revolver squeezed the trigger and a shot rang out. Sparks flew off the wall to Hayden’s right, along with chips of brick and mortar.

“Why are we running toward them?” Pastor Tim yelled, still running. Hayden didn’t really know.

For whatever reason, his dad picked up speed, running right behind Alice. The cop with the Taser managed to pull his trigger and twin lines of metal shot out, just to the right of the girl. Suddenly Pastor Tim was dancing with his feet inches off the ground, body rigid and shaking. He hit the dirty floor of the alley and bounced in place.

Hayden ignored him, watching as Alice jumped into the air and spun. She swung her spear around her waist even as her own body twirled. Though the spearhead was dull in color, like Simon’s ax, the moonlight still glinted off the wide blade as it slashed across the two officer’s throats. Crimson mist sprayed into the night, chased by the sound of the men gurgling out from their ruined throats.

Alice sailed between them as they dropped to their knees. Another shot barked and sparks flew off the asphalt, a reflex shot from the dying man. Alice landed and skid to a halt, striking some kind of pose with her knees bent, spear held out to the side along her arm.

Hayden ran up to the two cops, kneeling beside them. Both shared the same glassy-eyed expression, though the whites of their eyes looked more yellow than was normal. Like bright yellow.

“Are they gone?” Jesus asked as he stepped up beside Hayden. He didn’t bother kneeling down.

“Yeah,” said Hayden. He glanced up at the girl, but she remained in that same pose, almost as if she were waiting for them to clap or something. Blood dripped from the spearhead, falling to the ground with a plop, plop.

“We need to get out of here,” Simon said, staring at the street the two cops had come from.

A crash behind him made Hayden jump. Shit! He’d forgotten all about the van, and the horde of creeps trying to break out of the Dairy Queen. He stood and spun, just in time to see the door they’d blocked spring open, sending the dumpster spinning into the center of the alley.

“Uh oh,” Hayden said, preparing his body to run like hell.

“Calm your tits,” Alice said as she regained her composure and wandered over to him. Her spear rested against her shoulder, blade pointed toward the moon. “Watch.”

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