Friday Fictioneers — A Coward’s Apple

Yet another awesome picture prompt for Friday Fictioneers from Rochelle Wisoff!


A Coward’s Apple

They marched him down along the market square, dirty feet leaving footprints of blood and dust behind him. He didn’t look up, didn’t acknowledge the jeers and shouts from the gathered merchants. Some dug into their carts for the oldest fruit or vegetable, the ones that wouldn’t sell, and lobbed them at the man. They were careful not to hit the guards in their pristine white armor—they didn’t want to join the thief, after all.

Ashamed, I could only hide and watch as my father was led away, and clutch the thing he’d shoved into my hands—an apple.

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19 responses to “Friday Fictioneers — A Coward’s Apple

    • I meant to leave it open to interpretation, where the coward could be directed either at the person hiding, or the person it was stolen from. I probably did a poor job of it though, lol.

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  1. A bleak and sad world where starving people get in trouble for feeding their children. Sadly, it’s still true in too many places. Great story.

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  2. Harsh punishment for stealing a single apple! Man oh man. What would the punishment be for something really horrid, like rape? When times are tough, every little bit counts but it is ironic that the crowd is willing to throw their potential profits at the poor hungry thief!
    Great story, I was there.

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