Post Monster! AHHH

It’s been a while, but I’ve had you on my mind, oh blog and people of the blog. How have you been? Fantastic! I hope.


What have I been up to? Well, there are about 20 hundred books I want to be working on, but I did this thing. This thing is, I went on a galactic hunt, found an ancient race of aliens who had incredible will power… and ate their brains.


So rather than work on all of those books, I’m making myself finish my current WIP before even touching other things. And that one would be what I call my ‘Jesus’ novel, though he’s not the MC. Will this book ever see the light of day? Probably. Will it piss off a lot of people? Oh most definitely. But, that’s the story that I have to tell, no matter who hates me for it! 😀

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