That feeling of your computer, at home.



Yes, that’s a sigh of relief. Why? Well, because of the BLIZZARD (!? really Texas? Really?) we had in my part of Texas, I was stranded in Kansas from Friday, until yesterday. Well, this morning since I got home at around three. My work has an apartment that I stay in when I’m up there, and I had my laptop, but there’s just something about the mechanical click of the keys on your desktop, in your own space, that brings about this wonderful sense of peace.


Not to mention my wife and our dogs. Though, I didn’t miss having massive 80 lbs of fur trampling my mid-parts.


And now… well, I kind of want to pull my laptop out again and go cruise the couch, see what words fall out of my head and make their way to my screen. My couch.


Yes. You’re right, this post was almost pointless. What’s the point of it? Beats the hell out of me. I’m home, and that’s all that matters.


Now, go write something, dammit!



Need a writing prompt? Write about a truck driver stuck in a storm, and something unusual happens. Something unexpected. truck-osha-612pb

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