Updates! Contests, Titles, and that’s all.



So much is happening these days! What’s that, you ask? Well, I’m glad you ask. (Awful kind of you!)


First off, back in January I received a R&R on my novel, so I busted ass and a few heads to work on that for the entire month to the exclusion of much else, and I must say I loved the outcome. I threw it back out into the world, so maybe someone will love it.


Secondly, I entered a few contests! The first one, which some of you are familiar with, is #Pitchmadness. Last year I entered and was chosen, so who knows for this year? I changed my pitch up and my first 250 words are much tighter, so there’s that. If I don’t get picked though, that’s totally cool. There are so many other amazing people out there who entered this thing, it’s crazy!


Thirdly, I also entered #WriteClub2016, hosted by D.L Hammons! It’s a contest tied in with DFWcon, the conference I attended last year, and will be attending again in April. That one I hope to get into, because last year I got into it as well, but lost because of some issues that had nothing to do with my writing. Le sigh.


Fourthly! My novel (Previously known as Jesus-Slayer of the Undead) has a new and permanent title! It is heretofore known as UNBOUND. And it’s almost done! There’s light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s shining pretty damn brightly. I can’t wait to finish it, polish it, and send it out into the ether for some beta readers to enjoy! (I hope.)


And that’s it! There are some links below to check out the contests, so you can mark them on your colanders and maybe participate in next time!



PitchMadness: http://www.brenda-drake.com/2016/02/pitch-madness-2016-formatting-and-submission-rules/


Write Club: http://www.dlhammons.com/

4 responses to “Updates! Contests, Titles, and that’s all.

  1. Wow you have been super busy! Congrats and good luck with all your pie fingers and remember I’ll always be happy to beta any and every word you write. 😀

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