Greetings, people of Earth and beyond! (Why wouldn’t aliens check out my blog? It’s out of this world!)3052ebdec616ef75db8b27f7e21ac2f7


Get it? Okay, moving on.

Looking at my blog, I can’t believe how long it’s been since I updated! And it’s not like I haven’t been busy, I have been! So, first a few updates? Sure!


UNBOUND was finished back in March. What the hell is UNBOUND? Well, I’ve started working on my query, and it’s not complete, but here:


(Original art work by Melinda Cavazos — Jesus, a supporting character in my novel, UNBOUND.)

Hayden never wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a preacher, but when your dad is one of the most beloved Televangelists in the country, well, shit happens. Thankfully, the night Hayden’s set to give his first sermon—televised live, to millions—is the night Jesus chooses to return. Not in a biblical sense, but in leather armor and wielding a broken sword sense.

Caught in an ancient war between creatures from beyond the Veil, Hayden and Jesus set out across the country in search of one of the reborn disciples, the only one who can close the gate between our world and the Veil for another two-thousand years.



I need to work on an ending for the query, but that’s the gist of it. I’ve done one round of revisions, and have kind of put it away for the moment so I can let it rest and let all those delicious juices spread out through the whole novel like—okay, I’m hungry.

I also attended a great conference this past weekend in which I meant with some badass people, new and old, and had a lot of writerly knowledge shoved into my brain. It was awesome!


So now… now I’m going to attempt something that has never before been attempted in life by Ray Morris.


I am going to write a MG!(Middle Grade novel) I’m taking some elements of a story I started years ago, spinning it on its head, digging a grave and then throwing it in there! (You’ll get the reference later.)

For this one, I’m actually working on a plot outline, which is something I NEVER do. But, I feel like for a MG your word count is much more limited, so hopefully having this outline will keep me grounded and more structured. Unless I go completely off the rails and deviate from the outline like a cat in a room full of catnip trying to catch a jingling ball. Know what I mean?



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