New book and new contests!

Good morning!


I’m of the firm belief that something went wrong with the weather, and a maintenance worker somewhere is turning the seasons off, then on again to see if it gets fixed. It’s May, in Texas, and like cold-degrees! (Not that I’m complaining—I love cold weather. Except my feet are cold.)

Anyway, I am so excited! I started my new book over the weekend, a Middle-Grade novel about a young girl and a cemetery, and I’m already digging into chapter 4. It’s awesome! This is my first ever attempt at this age category, and so far the few people I keep in my basement and force to read things have said that the voice is good and the tone is good for a MG novel. This is a huge relief, as I was sure it would, well, suck.


Contests! Ya know, every time a contest comes around on Twitter, I tell myself, “Myself, you’re not going to join that contest.” Then, I punch myself in the face, slam my head into the keyboard, and join the damn contest.

Why? Do I think I’m going to ‘win?’ Not really! Does it matter? Not that much! I join these contests for the people. In these contests you meet people who are just like you. They have done something amazing—finished a novel. Then, they slaved over that novel until it’s as perfect as they can make it.

Then they were rejected. But, instead of crawling away somewhere to hide in the dark with a blanket and a sometimes-working flashlight, they threw themselves back out there. Those are the kinds of people I want to meet and know. People not afraid to get their babies trampled, then pick them up and dust them off and still love them. Sure, sometimes you need to change your baby’s diaper because maybe there’s a smell coming from it, but after that it’s all fresh and clean again!

Don’t ask me why I… whatever.

In other words—you people are my people. This is my tribe! And I know that in a few days when the results are announced there will be several hundred dejected souls wandering the halls of Twitter, but I also know that they will not give up.

They can’t give up, because someone, somewhere, needs their book. YOUR book.

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