It Lives!

What the hell?



I know, right!


This summer/fall has been kind of crazy.


First off, I haven’t written nearly as much as I would have liked, but sometimes things fall into our laps that makes it hard to break through that metaphorical wall and see the words waiting on the other side. Poor, lonely words sitting there, alone, just being all alone and stuff and waiting for you to come along and pluck them up. Poor words =/


During that time, I’ve worked on UNBOUND, and am almost finished with THE GRAVEDIGGER’S DAUGHTER, which has changed multiple times since its conception, and I’m sure it will change again before all is said and done with. I’m so excited to get to the end so I can write this one scene, though!


Aside from that, I’ve worked on myself a lot. Over the last year or so I’ve lost around 100lbs, and found that it’s not an easy thing to do. I hate that my writing suffered for it, but by me living longer, I’ll get to write more! Yay! And, perhaps there’s a non-fiction book somewhere in there when I’m done. Who knows, right?


Anyway, just thought I would let people know I’m alive, I’m writing, and the words aren’t so lonely anymore.

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