An Updated look into this space I call my life.

Update time? UPDATE TIME!

Wow, it’s been a pretty intense month, looking back. I haven’t updated, because frankly I spent the last three weeks writing a brand-spankin’ new novel. Yep, three weeks. I’m pretty sure I was possessed.

Before all that, though, I have other news! I have an agent! Her name is Michelle, and she’s the best. How did all this come about? Well!


It’s me!

I first met Michelle at a cocktail party hosted by the Dallas Fort-Worth Writing Conference back in 2015. That morning I had pitched my first novel to an agent who, though their listing had them repping my genre, told me that my genre was a tough sell and I should pound bricks. (or something like that) Despondent but still breathing, I went through the rest of that day with my head held high-ish. That night, I waited around as flocks of writers circled Michelle Johnson, nursed my beer, and smiled. When she was free, I nervously spewed out something that may have resembled my pitch, if you could mop up the words and put them into some sort of order that would be recognized in my native language (English).

She loved it! Asked me to send her my full. I did, chilled, waited around, but after a while I realized the book was broken. It was my first book, the plot was all over the place, one of my characters had a horrible arc, and it was…yeah. The first book I ever completed. It didn’t work out. (I’ll revisit MEMORIES one day and fix him, he deserves it.)


In the meantime, I wrote UNBOUND, my YA Urban Fantasy dealing with the son of a Televangilist and Jesus, a mythical Sarmatian Warrior charged with protecting mankind along with his twelve wardens against the Goddess Satanaya (A real Goddess in Sarmatian mythology =D ) and her children, the Narts. It was a fun book to write, a TON of nonstop action, and is still being edited though it may never see the light of day. But man was it fun. Zareen, Thomas reborn, is probably one of my favorite characters, ever.

Then came THE GRAVEDIGGER’S DAUGHTER. This book had my heart. I started it in April of last year, but took a break with it, and writing all together, over the summer due to my own issues. I started back on it around September, but I still wasn’t in the right headspace to do it justice. Then, in November I feverishly hit it. Finished TGD in mid-December and immediately sent it off to one of my writer-friends to read. He thought it was great, the writing was cleanish, and instead of waiting and letting it sit, I revised and edited it through January and had it ready for the world near the end of February.

I sent off maybe twelve queries in total for TGD, four of which went on to become partial/full requests, and two offers. One offer was from a publishing house who I believe is awesome and doing amazing things right now, and it was heartbreaking to turn them down, but ultimately, I had to choose the person I thought would best help bring this book, these characters, to life in a way that few can.

And to top all of that off, a conversation I changed upon while browsing Twitter, about an agent not getting enough sleep and wanting it back, shoved this idea of a little demon in a tutu passing out sleep I.O.Us, which spawned this whole new book in my head. I played around with the idea for a few weeks, then on April the 9th I wrote an outline for it (MY FIRST OUTLINE EVER! O.O) and the next day I started writing! I killed it!


And now I’m afraid to go read the book in case what I wrote is absolute garbage. But, I’ll get there =D


And to top all THAT off, I’m going back to the conference that introduced me to my agent in roughly 4 days! I can’t wait!



And to all my friends either still in the trenches, the piles, or the twitter contests—DON’T GIVE UP! I met my agent TWO YEARS ago, but I kept in contact with her. I participated in pretty much ever Pitch contest there is. While I didn’t find my agent through them, I met awesome people who helped me along the way and formed relationships that kept me on the path. Through all the rejections, the feelings that my writing would never be good enough. So…Never give up!

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